Cheaper Isn't Better

We've heard it all before.

"My sister's husband's best friend's former roommate does websites on the side... They've offered to make our web page for free." - OR - "I can get it done cheaper"

Of course they can...


Let's just get this out there right now. If you're considering working with us and you have an arrangement like that, by all means...please trust the cheapest option with your "web page". We wish you the best. 

We just want to ask you one thing before you go...

Is someone who doesn't devote their full-time to your online business needs really who you trust to help you succeed? Not likely.

At Front9 Agency, we seek to deliver value in our offering, but we are definitely not the least expensive.

Your online presence shouldn't be trusted to anyone who "builds websites on the side". Online marketing is what we do. It's ALL we do...and we're damn good at it.

Our philosophy (for anything really - including our own company expenditures) is that you consider what you buy as an enhancement to your business. Any purchase should be approached by seeking value instead of bargains. Sure, we're always up for a deal on an online product here or there...but not when it comes to a website. 

After all, your website is an extension of your business. It's an investment in something that could be the very first thing a potential customer interacts with before they even talk to you

Do you really want a bargain basement website handling those critical interactions?

Here's some advice...even if you choose to speak to Front9 Agency or not: 😉 Do your best to get to know every online marketing provider you're considering. First and foremost, they should always answer their phone during normal business hours in their time zone. If you get voicemail, the call should be returned promptly (within reason) during the same business day or as early as possible the next day.


Ask about their process for getting your work done.

  • What's the mutual long term goal both for the website & business relationship?

  • What's their initial discovery process like?

  • Do they have a wireframe phase?

  • Can they help with my content needs?

  • Where do I upload my critical documents I will need to link to on the website?

  • What about a time-frame on design and development?

  • How long should the entire process take?

  • How is my website supported after it is live?

After all that is considered, and there are even portions we left out, get a fair price. Not the cheapest. Don't select the provider based on the least expensive proposal. That's a recipe for disaster. The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies here...big time.

A company or subcontractor who is building your online presence should be well rounded. They should have a complete marketing plan for your online business needs. Hire them with the utmost caution and care. 

Be Wary Of Discount Online Marketing Providers 

We've seen everything under the sun when it comes to this section. A website listed on Google for multiple years with "this site may be hacked" right next to its search results.

Another website with a "design" that was never developed. In other words, every website page was one large JPEG image. It was never built into a functioning website. There was even a contact form on the contact page but a visitor couldn't interact with it. We wish we had taken a screencast of this...

The point is...these are problems we love to fix. On the modern web, honestly, there is really no reason for these problems to even exist.

Being A "Web Guy" Is EASY. I Can Do This Myself.

What do you know about CSS? How about HTML? Can you hand code a simple contact form that collects a person's name, email and phone number? What about cross browser compliant code? How are your testing methods across multiple devices for responsiveness? Why does a website look different on iPhoneX versus iPhone7? What are your plans if the website goes down...will you get an emergency push notification on your phone? What program will you use for website analytics?

Do you see what we're getting at?

Trust In The Process

You wouldn't ask your plumber to handle your financial planning. The point. Trust the experts and let them do what they do. Once you've selected a provider, believe in their process and give constructive feedback. Listen when they advise you from time to time. Otherwise, what could take a month to complete will take half a year, and all the while, your dated website isn't bringing you any new business.

Sure, you can get anything for less. Sure, you can do it yourself. Just don't.

Now...Trust The Experts

Front9 Agency has been helping our clients reach new customers online since 1999. We can help any sized business and our packages are tailor made for your unique business needs.

If you believe in the process outlined here, we'd love to work with you and we welcome your comments below.