Chatbots And Their Use Cases For Any Business Need (and Chatbot Concierge)

Chatbots can easily communicate with anyone (on any device) to answer critical questions. They are powered by the best in artificial intelligence - and they continue to improve their future interactions with machine learning.

Above: a chatbot powered by Facebook Messenger

Above: a chatbot powered by Facebook Messenger

Now, Front9 Agency can bring this incredible technology to you.

Chatbots are an incredible way to help website visitors or mobile first users get the answers they need…quickly.
- Front9 Agency

Some common use cases for Chatbots include:

  • Lead generation - Launch a chatbot on your website and greet every visitor with quick answers to their questions. Every interaction is stored for future follow up. Great for B2B and B2C websites.

  • Customer service - Chatbots can gather critical customer information along with the nature of support requests. This allows for more in-tune conversations once the details are handed over to a human.

  • FAQ responses - Don’t make a website visitor click through pages and pages of FAQ…let the chatbot do it! Chatbots can be programmed to answer any frequently asked question...immediately.

  • Area information / discovery - For the hospitality industry, for example, a more complex chatbot can be programmed with all of the area attractions & things to do near a hotel - getting guests engaged and excited about their stay.

  • Virtual travel assistant - Similar to the hospitality chatbot, travel agencies and companies that handle travel plans (railroads, bus lines, etc.) can provide help to customers looking for information on making reservations, rewards program information, and finding station and route information.

The examples and use cases for chatbots are really limitless. In every example above, if the conversation ever gets too complex for the chatbot, or if the chatbot can’t answer a specific question, there is always the ability for the conversation to be handed over to a human via live chat. What’s great about this is that the response can be in tune with the bot’s conversation to that point — since the human can quickly review all previous interaction. It’s a win-win for the bot to human hand-off…every time.

We’ve been investing a lot of time in chatbot development.

During 2018, we launched our very own chatbot startup. We’re excited about the future of this incredible technology. Please feel free to visit to learn even more and schedule a demo with the team.

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