Why, Google, Why? Inconsistencies In Search Engine Results & Reporting

Search engine results & reporting drive us nuts sometimes...

...wait, no, that needs to be rephrased...

Search engine results & reporting can drive anyone nuts almost EVERY time :)

By monitoring your keyword(s) of choice across multiple search engines, you're sure to notice some inconsistencies. We use a reporting program called SEO PowerSuite (and have for years). It is by no means the least expensive SEO toolkit out there, but it helps us achieve massive success for our clients. It's worth every penny...but that's for another blog post. 

Back to the matter at hand... 

Based on many years of experience, very rarely does a website start out being eaten up by the search engine algorithms and ranked the same across all of them. A website's traffic & authority must be grown as well.

Let's Look At Some Results

One of the first articles posted on one of our side projects, a drone blog called Rotospace, back in October is entitled "The Best Inexpensive Drones For Beginners". Other than the main page of the blog, it's easily the most popular website post thus far. It has triple the amount of traffic and social media shares than any other page. Maybe that's a more focused drone-related niche to explore next...

Most importantly, as far as can be seen from the search analytics, it is the only post that has led to (multiple) affiliate sales so far. In 2018 we also updated it with a new beginner drone.

The results for searches based on targeting "The Best Inexpensive Drones For Beginners" are accurate as of this post, and of course - even furthering the madness, they are subject to change...and probably will:

Yahoo! (Page 1, position 8):

Bing (Page 1, position 8)

...before even getting to our Google analysis...let's do a full stop right there. Yahoo's results are powered by Bing, and most of us should know that. However, even though that's the case, various factors (such as Pay Per Click ads & other customized results) can even make ranking position fluctuate slightly between two search engines that are, in essence, the same. A word of advice: just ignore it. Although, it is a quite crazy when you're on the bottom of page 1 on Yahoo! and the top of page 2 of Bing for these reasons. It's all part of the hoops online marketers must jump through to drive traffic to our websites.

So, now, Google. Oh yes, Google, you maddening and seemingly simplistic dominatrix (...okay, maybe that's a bit much...) of all search traffic. You already know you drive everyone insane from time to time. We have a well written article with all the right SEO techniques in place to rank highly via your competitors' algorightms, but YOU have to be the focus. "The Best Inexpensive Drones For Beginners" article is only good enough to rank 29th way out in limbo near the top of page 3. Where? Yeah...a place nobody cares about or clicks to.

Google (page 3, position 29) 
No link needed 😑

Okay, end rant. Cease firing at Google. We'll tweak, update, change, edit, and do whatever else is necessary to rank for that keyword. Even if it just leads to a few visitors. Because they are who we're looking to attract to the drone blog for a variety of reasons. And who knows? Its positioning may have already changed while I was writing this. In fact, it did... [Update] 01/10/2018...page 2!

Google (page 2, position 19) 
Look at this...

Tracking the rank of "The Best Inexpensive Drones For Beginners" keyword.

Tracking the rank of "The Best Inexpensive Drones For Beginners" keyword.

There are other ranking indicators that are interesting to find as well. Sometimes SEO struggles can lead to better understanding. Some of the other blog posts that rank low on Bing/Yahoo actually rank much higher on Google. Of course, this is what we'd all prefer because we can never ignore Google's 65-75% ownership of search engine market share:

Google's market share as of late 2017...see anything interesting?  😂

Google's market share as of late 2017...see anything interesting? 😂

SOURCE: https://www.netmarketshare.com...

Why are we telling you all of this?

A website is always a work in progress. Just when you think you've found the perfect formula, Google changes their algorithm and drops you right off page 1. Right into the abyss of pages never visited by searchers. 

We'll stick to what we know. Creating original, well-written content. Produce a lot of it. Find ways to keep people on the website...and keep them coming back. Collect their email addresses. Do whatever possible to take advantage of ALL traffic.

Have your search engine results made you cringe? Did this post help you in any way?

Let us know in the comments & THANK YOU for reading!